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Axel Schwintzer

************************************************ If you are looking for piano lessons – whether for your child or for yourself – you have come to the right place! ********************************************* PIANO LESSONS NYC - at my studio in Prospect Park South, on 58th St. in Manhattan, at the Steinway Gallery in Melville (Long Island) - or in the comfort of your own home. ************************************************ No matter what age, what style you’re interested in, or what level you are currently – I can help you achieve your goals! ********************************************* Every student learns at a different pace and has trouble with different things. That’s why my lessons are adapted to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. ************************************************* For more details, please visit *********************************************


Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock


Axel Schwintzer graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 2004 and has worked as a professional musician and private instructor since then. He has over four years of extensive experience teaching piano to students between the ages of 4 and 65.


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