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Marina Petrov

Marina Petrov-Stoykovich is a diverse piano performer and dedicated piano tutor with over 25 years experience. She prepares students for any grade or level up to MA as well as teaches amateurs. Furthermore, her notable career in music education has developed commensurately with her enthusiastic approach towards her piano teaching methods and devotion to her students. Marina’s students’ piano examination passing rate in UK on various music boards is very high. She regularly organises her pano students’ class performances and encourages them to play at various music festivals around the country and abroad. Marina gave numerous master classes and workshops, where she has demonstrated her piano teaching methods concentrating on piano technique and power of mind. She also specialises on prevention of occupational injuries in pianists, helping them to play free of pain.




She graduated piano at the Moscow Conseravatoire on 1985, later to continue her post graduate performance studies at the Acadeamy of Music in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.In 1998 she obtained an MA in Music(Performance Studies) from City University in London.


A child prodigy, at the age of eight, she won 1st Prize in the Federal Competition for Young Pianists. Her first success was followed by numerous appearances on national TV, radio as well as performing on tours across Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe. After winning many national competitions and festivals consecutively for nine years, she was awarded by the Yugoslavian Government a five-year scholarship to continue her studies in U.S.S.R.


Marina is Vice Chair of International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance (ISSTIP)and Editor of ISSTIP Journal. She is also member of EPTA.


She has been focusing on solving the most difficult playing technique problems and discomfort while playing, preventing pianists from suffering occupational injuries.She has been working closely with Piano Professor Carola Grindea & joined ISSTIP in 1998.


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